Clay Composer
Branding design
About project
Clay composer is a self-initiative project which is still developing currently. I would like to design a brand for my hobby of pottery. I combine the initial "C" and the throwing wheel to create the logo, the whole brand identity is simple and minimal but at the same time modern and sleek looking. Clay composer is not only the personal website, it an online platform for ceramists and potters to showcase and sell their works, sharing experiences and their stories. I hope this brand can bring the ceramists and potters in different places together.

Role: Branding design, UX & UI design
Name card design
When the ceramists join clay composer, I would like to make them the name cards which the color of the name card based on their choice of clay. The porcelain maker will get the white version while the Black clay or sanded clay makes will get the black and the yellowish one.
Online store promotion
The design image for the online store, using the geometric lines to create a digital container where to represent putting the ceramic work to sell online.

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