Animation design
About project
Habitat is one of the clients in Portas agency, I worked for them as a freelance animator of various projects, including the in-store digital screen animation for Chrismas, the promotion video of the Habitat sale day displays on the billboard digital screen in the tube station and a series of social media videos of Habitat Voyeur for their youtube channel.

Role: Animation design
Habitat voyeur
A series of three animations for Habitat's youtube channel. The stories are giving the tips of how to be a Habitat voyeur in an eccentric and humorous ways. The design direction is simple and neat, use the strong theme color to make the whole series consistent.
Habitat Christmas
This is the animation for Habitat Christmas, all the objects are animated individually to create a vivid and energetic looking video which it brings the joy of the Christmas season.
Habitat Day
This is the promotional animation for the Habitat Day, it displays in the large billboard digital screen in the tube station, the colourful ribbons and the size of the display draw the crowd attention.

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