Museum Interactives
About Project
The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (SAASCC) a new developing museum in Kuwait, the construction has now started on four world-class museums covering Arabic Science, Space, Natural History and Science, together with a Theatre and Fine Arts Centre. The museum will be an interactive, object-rich exploration of the Islamic civilization, examining the people and innovations that played a crucial part in the development of intellectual thought in our world. We have assigned to design the interactives in the science and prehistorical galleries which I worked for four of them.

Role: UX & UI design, animation
The Lectern
The Lectern is a series of four touchscreen interactives, these include the continental movements and the formation of the Americas, Eurasia, Arabia and Australia. The continental movements created the environmental changes such as the animals interchange, the climate changes and even the cause of animals extinction. Visitors can choose the questions in the interactive to know about the influences after the continents drift.
Erupting Volcano
Erupting Volcano is a touchscreen interactive which let the visitors try their hand at creating the different kinds of volcanoes and their varied eruptions. By changing magma and gas levels between 'Low', 'Medium' and 'High', they influence the shape and explosiveness of the volcano. The animations also created the interest and visual impact throughout the gameplay.
Look Closer
Look closer is a series of three touchscreen interactives which show the galleries of prehistoric animals on the land and in the sea in the periods of the late Cretaceous and the late Jurassic.
Coriolis Effect
This interactive consists a physical dish and the digital monitor connected to the motion tracking camera. The visitors need to roll a marble on the rotating dish which it simulates the movement of the Earth and the marbles simulate air currents demonstrating how air is spun around by Earth's rotation into circular snaking patterns. The camera tracks marble's movement on the spinning dish and generates the spiral line that visualizes the Coriolis Effect.

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